SMART Medical Clearance Complete 12.30.15

SMART Medical Clearance Form

SSVMS brought together specialists in the fields of emergency medicine and psychiatry to develop and implement a standardized medical clearance process using the SMART Medical Clearance algorithm, an acronym that drives real-time medical decision-making through a series of specific questions.  The SMART algorithm was designed using an evidence-based approach through review of peer-reviewed articles and studies, as well as consultation with experts in the fields of psychiatry and emergency medicine, both locally and nationally.

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*For EPIC users, consider implementing the .EDSMART dot phrase. Learn More Here.

Microsoft Word - SMART Medical Clearance Quality Improvement.doc

Quality Improvement Process Form

To encourage collaboration between the emergency departments and the inpatient psychiatric facilities, a Quality Improvement process form was created assist with identifying and addressing outliers at both the referring and receiving facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To assist with implementation of SMART Medical Clearance, the SMART team has created a list of 11 frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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